SESSION 103 - Choose Your Own Arrangement: Using Large-scale Digitization Efforts to Process Image and Audiovisual Collections
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Aug 9, 2012
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Event Location: Sapphire GH


Sarah M. Dorpinghaus (Chair)
Director of Digital Services
University of Kentucky
The Rosenthall Experiment: Shooting from the Hip Digitization

Amanda T. Ross
National Archives at College Park

Benn Joseph
Director of University Archives & Special Collections
Illinois Institute of Technology

Heather Gilbert (Moderator)
Head of Digital Scholarship and Services
College of Charleston


Image and audiovisual collections attract a wide variety of users with diverse interests. How do archivists choose one manner of arrangement to meet these varied research needs? Three archivists who have experimented with de-emphasizing physical arrangement from the processing workflow and a digital librarian who has been tasked with creating Web-based collection interfaces for digital archival materials discuss the methodologies, challenges, and benefits of implementing the processing-by-digitization approach through case studies of image and audiovisual collections.


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