DACS Working Group (disbanded 0210)


Reports to: Standards Committee
Established: November 2, 2006
Final Report Expected: February 3, 2010
Group Web Page: http://www.archivists.org/saagroups/dacs

The goals of the DACS Working Group are:

  1. To initiate a Web-based mechanism for gathering comments and a process for reviewing and publicizing them on an ongoing basis between cyclical full reviews of DACS, the first of which would occur in 2009; and
  2. To prepare for review and comment by the Standards Committee at its August 2007 meeting a report. The report should include recommendations for a formal process for the review of DACS; a draft timeline for a first formal review (and editorial work, if necessary) to be undertaken in 2009; and recommendations for appointing a small editorial group to revise DACS if this step is warranted based on the outcome of the review.