SESSION 106 - Appraising the Archives Profession: Multiple Outlooks on Professional Sustainability Issues

Aug 13, 2009
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Event Location: Room 406


Dana Marie Miller, MLIS , MA (Chair)
Director of Special Collections
University of Nevada, Reno
Professional Sustainability: The Elephant in the Archives

Elizabeth A Slomba
University Archivist
University of New Hampshire

Michelle R. Bogart
George H W Bush Presidential Library

Dayna Holz
Berkeley Public Library


Despite archivists’ commitment to and love of their work, issues of low salaries, temporary jobs, and few opportunities for advancement are major hurdles as the profession struggles to attract a diverse workforce and retain experienced practitioners. Using job market research, data analysis, and career statistics, the panelists address the profession’s “elephant-in-the-room” issues. What do a grad student, a newbie processor, a manager, and an expat have to say about the state of the archives profession today, and where do you fall on the spectrum? Join in!


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