SESSION 701 - The Art of Archival Judgment: Applying More Product Less Process (MPLP)

Aug 14, 2010
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Event Location: Marriott (Salon 1)


Dr. Kathleen Cruikshank, CA (Chair)
Political Papers Specialist
Indiana University Bloomington

Maija Anderson
Oregon Health & Science University

Barbara E Austen
Librarian 2
Connecticut State Library

Elizabeth Cassidy West
University Archivist
University of South Carolina

Jennifer Wright
Archives and Information Management Team Leader
Smithsonian Institution Archives
Wright/Session 701


The speakers present brief case studies of applying MPLP to specific collections, laying out 1) what full processing is understood to be in each of their repositories, 2) how MPLP was applied, 3) their considerations for modifying MPLP, and 4) why modifications were necessary. The session focuses on specific decisions and discussion of how judgment is exercised in the application of MPLP. Audience participation is encouraged.


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