SESSION 103 - Choose Your Own Arrangement: Using Large-scale Digitization Efforts to Process Image and Audiovisual Collections
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Aug 9, 2012
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Event Location: Sapphire GH


Sarah M. Dorpinghaus (Chair)
Director of Digital Services
University of Kentucky
The Rosenthall Experiment: Shooting from the Hip Digitization

Amanda T. Ross
National Archives at College Park

Benn Joseph
Head of Archival Processing
Northwestern University Library

Heather Gilbert (Moderator)
Head of Digital Scholarship and Services
College of Charleston


Image and audiovisual collections attract a wide variety of users with diverse interests. How do archivists choose one manner of arrangement to meet these varied research needs? Three archivists who have experimented with de-emphasizing physical arrangement from the processing workflow and a digital librarian who has been tasked with creating Web-based collection interfaces for digital archival materials discuss the methodologies, challenges, and benefits of implementing the processing-by-digitization approach through case studies of image and audiovisual collections.


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