SESSION 210 - Genuine Encounter, Authentic Relationships: Archival Covenant and Professional Self-Understanding

Aug 25, 2011
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Event Location: Columbus G/H


Dr. Susan E. Davis (Chair & Commentator)

Scott Cline, CA , FSAA
“Dust clouds of camels shall cover you”: Archives and the Covenantal Relationship

Brien B. Brothman, PhD
Electronic Records Specialist
Rhode Island State Archives
Covenants, Communities, and the Phenomenon of Otherness in the Archival Realm

Dr. Joan M Schwartz, FRSC , FSAA , FRCGS
Queen's University, Canada
Time, Truth, and Technology: Photographs, Archives, and the Ties that Bind


Archivists engage in a succession of intertwined covenantal relationships with users, colleagues, and materials through time and space and across generations. This session examines covenant as the archivist’s obligation toward “the other,” our experience of past and future generations through encounter with archival objects, and the need to acknowledge and address a presumed “covenant with Truth” formed by the archival record.


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