SESSION 204 - Rights, Risk, and Reality: Beyond “Undue Diligence” in Rights Analysis for Digitization

Aug 25, 2011
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Event Location: Grand C/D South


Merrilee Proffitt (Chair)
Senior Manager
OCLC Research
Beyond "Undue Diligence" in Rights Analysis for Digitization

Dr. Jean E. Dryden
The Copyright Practices of North American Archives in Putting Their Holdings Online

Peter B. Hirtle, FSAA
Alumni Fellow
Harvard University
75 Years of Archivists at Risk

Barbara Aikens
Chief, Collections Processing
Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art
Risqué Business: Digitization Ethics and Appropriateness in the Real World


Archivists often make conservative assumptions about rights in digitization. This caution may impede their mission to improve access. The result constrains research and limits knowledge production. Community discussions have yielded a document codifying “well-intentioned practice” for digitization, which includes practical methods for selecting collections, seeking permissions, establishing policy, and working with future donors. The panelists reflect on the history and current state of copyright practice and suggest a path for adopting risk analysis in digitization.


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