309 You Say You Want a Revolution...: Combining Archives, Museums, Libraries

Aug 28, 2008
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Event Location: Continental 2


Matthew K. Heiss
Collection Development-Specialist
LDS Church History Library and Archives
"You Say You Want a Revolution": Combining Archives, Libraries, and Museums (PPT)

Michael J. Fox
How Do You Spell Synergy?

Steven L. Olsen
LDS Church History Library and Archives
"Both Sides Now": The "Something Lost" and "Something Gained" in Museum, Library, and Archives Collaboration

Ricky Erway, MLS
Senior Program Officer
Collaboration on the LAM: Insights into Library, Archive, and Museum Interaction at Five Institutions (PPT)


"You Say You Want a Revolution...": Combining Archives, Museums, and Libraries

What happens when you combine archivists, librarians, and museum curators into a single work group? Core identities and processes are challenged as professional boundaries are erased and redefined. The questions of who "we" are, what the fundamental boundaries of the profession are, where we are going, and how we are going to make it arise as the result of such a reorganization. Learn from the experiences of institutions in such a state of r/evolution.


Direct link: https://saa.archivists.org/4DCGI/events/eventdetail.html?Action=Events_Detail&InvID_W=806

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