SESSION 409 - Geospatial Preservation: The State of the Landscape

Aug 26, 2011
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Event Location: Columbus I/J


Butch Lazorchak (Chair)
Digital Archivist
Library of Congress
Geospatial Preservation: The State of the Landscape

Steve Morris
North Carolina State University Libraries
A Quick Overview

John L. Faundeen
Archivist, Earth Resources Observation and Science Center
US Geological Survey
Geospatial Data Preservation Issues and Challenges

Andrew Turner
Chief Technical Officer
Maps as Narratives - Making Spatial Archives Accessible


The explosion in the creation and use of digital geographic information has changed the information landscape. Location-based technologies fuel a market estimated at $30 billion per year. The variety of digital location information being created has tremendous long-term value, yet it is also complex to preserve and keep accessible. What are the issues that need to be addressed to ensure that these investments survive to be used and shared by future generations?


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