Arrangement and Description (A&D) Courses

SAA's A&D Curriculum and Certificate is designed to provide you more experience and knowledge in this single topic than is generally available in graduate archival programs. Also, archivists with extended descriptive training can expand the skill set gained in graduate school to facilitate career shifts within the archival field. Learn more about the program.

A&D Webcasts

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A&D Courses






Fundamentals of Project Management for Archivists #1866 [A&D]
Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Oklahoma City, OK



Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS) #1816 [A&D]
Florida International University Libraries
Miami, FL



Implementing "More Product, Less Process" #1867 [A&D]
Northern Arizona University Cline Library Special Collections and Archives
Flagstaff, AZ

1/30/2018 – 1/31/2018


Arrangement and Description: Fundamentals #1868 [A&D]
Tempe History Museum
Tempe, AZ

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