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Perspectives on Women's Archives (print - OBOP edition)

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Perspectives on Women's Archives (print - OBOP edition)

Edited by Tanya Zanish-Belcher with Anke Voss


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Women’s archives hold a significant place in the historical record, illuminating stories of individuals who had an impact on our past in both powerful and quiet ways. The history of the archives themselves and the struggle to achieve equal representation within the historical record also tell a valuable story, one that deftly examines American culture and society over the past few centuries.

In Perspectives on Women’s Archives, eighteen essays written by noted archivists and historians illustrate the origins of a women-centered history, the urgent need to locate records that highlight the diverse experiences of women, and the effort to document women's experiences. The essays also expose the need for renewed collaboration between archivists and historians, the challenges related to the accessibility of womens collections, and the development of community archives.

Ultimately, archival relevancy is reinforced, not diminished, by sharing resources and exposing absences. This book inspires new thinking about the value of womens archives and how to fill the gaps in our recordkeeping to move toward a more diverse and inclusive future.

What Others Are Saying:

“It is evident that the editors took much care and time in selecting the essays that represent different perspectives on women’s archives. All the essays are strongly written with no weak or confusing parts or interludes. . . . [Perspectives on Women’s Archives] made me proud to be an archivist and want to continue improving in this field and contributing more to the world as part of this profession.”

—Julia Stringfellow, Boise State University, Journal of Western Archives, Volume 5, Issue 1

Perspectives on Women’s Archives satisfies on two counts. This collection of essays provides a useful summary of the development of the field of women’s history since the emergence of the discipline in the 1970s and of the growth of women’s archives from the earliest days of the republic. . . . [It] also offers stimulating prescriptions for the future direction of archives and raises urgent questions about the quality and equality of access in our overwhelmingly digital environment.”

—Christine Froechtenigt Harper, City of St. Louis, Archival Issues, Volume 36, Number 1

“This work is an excellent investment in the archival pursuit of women’s records. It also serves as a history of the women’s movement in the 1960s–70s, capturing the inventiveness that motivated it.”

—A. Salter, Ogelthorpe University, Choice, Volume 51, Number 7


"Perspectives on Womens Archives is a book that anyone serious about archives, not just women's archives, should read."
Sigrid McCausland, Charles Sturt University, Archives and Manuscripts, 2015

"Zanish-Belcher and Voss invite archivists to listen across professional lines to the ways that womens historians and womens archivists have engaged and challenged one anothers work, and to consider how we might benefit from continued and more deliberate eavesdropping."
Wendy Korwin, Brown University, Information and Culture, 2014

"Efforts to archive womens lives have proliferated over the last 40 years, accompanied by a myriad of papers, activities, and projects. However, until now, those interested in womens archives were largely left to fend for them- selves, cobbling together understandings from scattered sources. Finally, Tanya Zanish-Belcher and Anke Vosss Perspectives on Womens Archives provides a comprehensive introduction useful for historians and archivists alike."
Annie Tummino, Queens Museum, New York, Journal of Archival Organization, 2014

Published by Society of American Archivists (2013)
6x9 | Soft cover | 488pp.
Product Code: BOOKSAA-0629
ISBN: 1-931666-47-4
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