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The Lone Arranger: Succeeding in a Small Repository

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The Lone Arranger: Succeeding in a Small Repository

Christina J. Zamon 

A significant portion of U.S. institutions charged with the preservation of our cultural heritage are small repositories and one-person shops. Rapid advances in technology, increasing regulation on institutional records, and exponential growth in the volume and variety of cultural resources being collected put added pressure on these lone arrangers to find efficient and effective ways to manage their archives.

The Lone Arranger: Succeeding in a Small Repository offers guidance on how to handle common work demands while promoting archives best practice. Author and lone arranger Christina Zamon uses a deft touch to address a comprehensive range of topics, including administration and budget, fundraising and donor relations, information technology, collections management, records management, preservation, reference and outreach, facility management, disaster preparedness, and internship and volunteer programs.

In addition, case studies by a dozen practitioners representing diverse backgrounds, institutional settings, and geographic locations discuss the challenges they faced when they found themselves responsible for the full spectrum of archives work with limited or no paid staff to assist.

Seasoned archivists and newcomers to the profession will benefit from the practical tips, sound advice, and resources shared throughout the volume, as well as the opportunity to connect to the broader community of professional archivists.

If you're a lone arranger, with this book you'll find yourself less alone!


"As the first comprehensive resource tailored to this issue, Zamon's book is a unique and valuable contribution to the archival literature...An ideal go-to resource for lone arrangers everywhere."

—SARAH WILKINSON, Montreal Neurological Institute, Archivaria, Fall 2012

“By offering practical solutions to real problems, Zamon is able to highlight innovative and adaptable lone arrangers who thrive in a collaborative environment.”
—Keith Gorman, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Journal for the Society of North Carolina Archivists, Fall 2012

"Lone Arranger succeeds in helping archivists navigate the universe of our profession using several devices well: an engaging and personal tone, accessible language and features, simultaneous coverage and depth of conversation, and ample resources for further pursuits."
Anna M. Stadick, University of Wisconsin–Parkside, The American Archivist, Fall/Winter 2013

"I would highly recommend the work for beginning and seasoned archivists. It serves as a great guide, not only to direct future archival work, but also to assess what has been accomplished and needs to be done."
Malachy R. McCarthy, Claretian Missionaries Archives, Catholic Library World, 2014

" Zamon clearly defines the difficulties that a “lone arranger” in a repository may—and almost certainly will—face, but she also provides solutions to each and every one of them. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, the reader feels armed and ready to face those challenges."
Holly Mengel, Processing Archivist, Special Collection Center – University of Pennsylvania, Archive Journal, Summer 2013

Published by Society of American Archivists (2012)
157pp., Soft cover, 8.5"x11"
Product Code: BOOKSAA-0580
ISBN: 1-931666-41-5
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